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Kate Upton SoBe Commercial Behind the Scenes Pictures

As if you haven’t seen enough of Kate Upton and the whole SoBe thing, here are some behind the scenes pictures during the shooting of the commercial – enjoy!

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Kate Upton Bikini Stare Down Video

This is the video loop of Kate Upton’s SoBe TryAnything Staring Contest game from the website (link) – enjoy!

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Kate Upton SoBe Staring Contest Commercial

Here is a commercial for SoBe that if you are not careful, might short circuit your TV. I’m not sure if this airs on actual TV or not or just on the sexy Internet – I probably wouldn’t see it … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Staring Contest

Here is a video of Kate Upton using her immense talents to beat a poor defenseless gentleman at a staring contest, you can try your luck over at

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Kate Upton That’s A Wrap Bikini Video and SoBe are teaming up to melt your eyeballs with some videos of Kate Upton frolicking around in a bikini and challenging you to a staring contest in which you have no possible chance of winning.

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A Date With Kate Upton video editor Ryan Jones attempts to win the heart of the one and only Kate Upton at the SoBe Try Everything event last week at Madison Square Park in New York City, check out Part 1 and Part 2 … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Milks a Cow for SoBe

Here is a video from the SoBe Try Anything Event in New York the other day to go along with the pictures I previously posted of Kate Upton milking orange sludge from a fake cow.  Please note: no cows were … Continue reading

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